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Beauty parlour in kolkata

Beauty Parlour in Kolkata || Beauty Parlor in Kolkata, Hair and Skin and Nail care || Beauty Parlor in Kolkata

All about beauty - Beauty clinic with personal care

body spa-Rapunzel - Beauty Parlour in kolkata

Rapunzel was established in 1987. As any budding business, it started modest and with time, confidence, brand awareness and clients’ loyalty it expanded and in 2 sections- Hair and Beauty. It is now rated as the best known landmark in enhancing the outer and inner beauty of a woman.

Rapunzel not only makes a woman beautiful but it makes her feel glamorously self- confident. From young girls to teenagers to young woman to working woman to housewives to professionals to brides to elders- the professionalism gives a personal touch to individuals to let them feel ‘special’ about themselves.

At Rapunzel we feel that beauty is not only skin deep but this depth should surface out to make a statement! And we work professionally hard to ensure that the woman in you should glitter and gleam to make this happen.

We feel that a small change can make a big difference! A woman should glow, should feel a head-turner and should walk with élan with an aura of self esteem. And we make it happen!

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Beauty Expert Tips


For maintaining a fresh and pure skin, cleansing activity is essential. It is must for the skin and you have to do it on regular basis. Choose a good quality cleanser and with mild massage pamper the facial skin. This process wipes off dirt and extra oil from the skin and gives you a fresh soothing skin.


After cleansing always remember to use moisturizer on the face. Even you have to apply moisturizer on your body.