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Rapunzel values their customer with their products

Danné Montague-King

For more than 40 years, biological scientist Danné Montague - King has distinguished himself as a pioneer in the field of skin and body treatments. The Danné concept of treating the skin of each ethinic group according to their special biochemistry is considered 20 years ahead of its time. His Remove, Rebuild, Protect, Maintain (RRPM) System of skin revision has won him international recognition and endorsement by medical profession.

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Pore Reduction Drops

Pore Reduction drops-Rapunzel Beauty Parlour - Product Range

An absolute in the control of large pores, Pore Reduction Drops visibly tighten pores without stripping the skin of natural oils. This product is especially effective when used on the nose and surrounding area.

Eye images-Rapunzel Beauty Parlour - Treating with care

Fine Line hydrating cream

An extremely nourishing creame which is exceptionally good around the delicate eye area, neck or any very dry dehydrated areas. Formulated with a rich blend of apricot and avocado pulp, along with corn oil, this creame provides the richest source of vitamins and nutrients to strengthen and repair wven the most stuborn eye areas. It is excellent for dry, crepey areas, wrinkles and fine lines around the top lip and neck. You will see and feel the difference even after the first use.

Fine Line hydrating cream-Rapunzel Beauty Parlour - Product Range

Acne Wash

Acne wash-Rapunzel Beauty Parlour - Product Range

A deep cleansing, bacteria killing formulation. Acne Wash penetrates deeply into the skin to relieve the pressure and soreness of acne. Impacted acne cells seem to disappear, leaving the skin feeling refreshed.

Melanplex Creame

An exclusive "non - bleaching" product used to reduce hyper pigmentation by inhibiting tyrosine which stimulates melanin. Aids in cell respiration and oxugenation with poerful antioxidants

Melanplex Cream-Rapunzel Beauty Parlour - Product Range

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Painless Hair Removal System

Beauty Expert Tips


For maintaining a fresh and pure skin, cleansing activity is essential. It is must for the skin and you have to do it on regular basis. Choose a good quality cleanser and with mild massage pamper the facial skin. This process wipes off dirt and extra oil from the skin and gives you a fresh soothing skin.


After cleansing always remember to use moisturizer on the face. Even you have to apply moisturizer on your body.